Technical Advisory on Software and Systems



We can help to support your decisions when selecting technologies.

No matter if you’re a startup or an established company – we can help to evaluate and advise on technologies to use in your projects.


Are you about to launch a new piece of software or system and want to have a second opinion before going live?

Or maybe your about to acquire a company with a portfolio of software and systems and would like to know their technical state?

We can support you during the process.


Are you looking for a Proof Of Concept or an embryo of a stack of technologies in mind?

We can deliver a bundled package of your choice (e.g. Java™, Spring, Maven etc) to use as a start or for evaluation.


Need an expert in Java™ technologies to use in your recruitment process for technical skills evaluation?

We have years of experience recruiting technical employees for several companies in Sweden.


We're experts in software and systems built with Java™ technology.
Experience of some of Swedens largest systems

At Panok you can expect advisors with hands-on experience with the technology. The advisors are active developers with a minimum of 10 years experience of software development.

When we're not helping customers with technical advisory we're in hands-on projects wrinting code, building deployment pipelines, or designing production environments.

The people at Panok have been part of projects designing and building some of Swedens (even the worlds) largest systems in telco, retail and finance.

Our passion is the art of creating good, really good software and systems - we believe it's why we're good advisors!

  • Java™

    We discovered Java™ in 1999 and have over 15 years of professional experience with Java™ technologies.

  • Software Architecture

    We're confident in most architectural styles and frameworks.

  • System Design

    Experience in data center application and system landscape designs.

The Team

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Andreas Fundell

CEO & Founder
Andreas is the CEO & Founder.

He has over 15 years of experience designing, building and maintaining large complex and highly scalable software and systems in international markets.

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